SIC Code

Code 20412 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 20412

Activities from UK SIC Code 20412

SIC Code 20412: Manufacture of cleaning and polishing preparations

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 20412

  • Artificial waxes (manufacture)
  • Polishes and creams for wood (manufacture)
  • Polishes for coachwork (manufacture)
  • Polishes for glass (manufacture)
  • Polishes for metal (manufacture)
  • Polishing paste and powder (manufacture)
  • Prepared waxes (manufacture)
  • Sanitary cleanser (manufacture)
  • Scouring paste or powder coated paper (manufacture)
  • Scouring pastes (manufacture)
  • Scouring powder (manufacture)
  • Shoe dye (manufacture)
  • Shoe polish (manufacture)
  • Ski wax (manufacture)
  • Polishes and creams for leather (manufacture)
  • Polishes and creams (manufacture)
  • Polish (manufacture)
  • Car polish (manufacture)
  • Cleaning and polishing preparations (manufacture)
  • Cleaning powder (other than detergents and scouring powder) (manufacture)
  • Deodoriser for household use (manufacture)
  • Deodorisers (manufacture)
  • Floor cleanser (manufacture)
  • Floor polish (manufacture)
  • Floor seal (manufacture)
  • Furniture polish (manufacture)
  • Glass polish (manufacture)
  • Impregnated cleaning and polishing cloth (manufacture)
  • Metal polish (manufacture)
  • Plate polish (manufacture)
  • Wax (manufacture)