SIC Code

Code 21200 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 21200

Activities from UK SIC Code 21200

SIC Code 21200: Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 21200

  • Anaesthetics (manufacture)
  • Medical impregnated bandages, dressings, gauze and wadding (manufacture)
  • Medicaments (manufacture)
  • Medicine (manufacture)
  • Ointment (manufacture)
  • Opacifying preparations for x-ray examinations (manufacture)
  • Oral contraceptives (manufacture)
  • Pharmaceutical medicament products (manufacture)
  • Pharmaceuticals for veterinary use (manufacture)
  • Pills (medicinal) (manufacture)
  • Radioactive in-vivo diagnostic substances (manufacture)
  • Sera (manufacture)
  • Serum albumin (manufacture)
  • Urological reagents (manufacture)
  • Vaccine (manufacture)
  • Veterinary medicines (manufacture)
  • Medical diagnostic preparations, including pregnancy tests (manufacture)
  • Immunoglobin (manufacture)
  • Human plasma extract (manufacture)
  • Analgesics (manufacture)
  • Anti-infectives (manufacture)
  • Antiseptics (manufacture)
  • Antisera and other blood fractions (manufacture)
  • Biotech pharmaceuticals (manufacture)
  • Blood-grouping reagents (manufacture)
  • Botanical products for pharmaceutical use (manufacture)
  • Chemical contraceptive products (manufacture)
  • Diagnostic reagents (manufacture)
  • Drug (medicinal) (manufacture)
  • Embrocation (manufacture)
  • Enema preparations (manufacture)
  • Gammaglobulin (manufacture)
  • Homeopathic preparations (manufacture)
  • Hormonal contraceptive medicaments (manufacture)
  • Veterinary pharmaceuticals (manufacture)