SIC Code

Code 22210 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 22210

Activities from UK SIC Code 22210

SIC Code 22210: Manufacture of plastic plates, sheets, tubes and profiles

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 22210

  • Belting made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Laminates made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Photographic film (unsensitized) (manufacture)
  • Photographic unsensitized film (manufacture)
  • Pipes and fittings made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Plastic semi-manufactures (manufacture)
  • Plates made of plastic (semi-manufactures) (manufacture)
  • Profile shapes of plastic materials (rods, tubes, etc.) (manufacture)
  • Rigid plastic foam (manufacture)
  • Sheets made of cellophane (manufacture)
  • Sheets made of laminated thermosetting plastic (manufacture)
  • Sheets made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Sheets made of polyethylene (manufacture)
  • Sheets made of polypropylene (manufacture)
  • Sheets made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) (manufacture)
  • Strips made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Tubes made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Tubing made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Laminated thermosetting plastics sheet (manufacture)
  • Laminated plastic film (manufacture)
  • Blocks made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Carpet underlay made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Conveyor belts made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Decorative unsupported polyvinyl chloride film and sheet (manufacture)
  • Drainpipes and fittings made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Film and sheet of decorated unsupported polyvinyl chloride (manufacture)
  • Film made of cellophane (manufacture)
  • Film made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Film made of polyethylene (manufacture)
  • Film made of polypropylene (manufacture)
  • Film made of polythene (manufacture)
  • Film made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) (manufacture)
  • Flexible plastic foam (manufacture)
  • Foil made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Hose and pipe fittings made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Hose made of plastic (manufacture)
  • Laminate made wholly of plastics and/or transparent regenerated cellulose film (manufacture)
  • Vulcanized fibre (manufacture)