SIC Code

Code 23910 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 23910

Activities from UK SIC Code 23910

SIC Code 23910: Production of abrasive products

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 23910

  • Abrasive bonded disc, wheel and segment (manufacture)
  • Garnet abrasives (manufacture)
  • Glass paper (manufacture)
  • Grinding paste (manufacture)
  • Grindstones made of bonded abrasives (manufacture)
  • Hones (bonded) (manufacture)
  • Millstone and grindstone cutting (manufacture)
  • Millstones made of bonded abrasives (manufacture)
  • Oilstones (bonded) (manufacture)
  • Organic bonded abrasives (manufacture)
  • Polishing stones made of bonded abrasives (manufacture)
  • Pumice stones (bonded) (manufacture)
  • Sandpaper (manufacture)
  • Segment bonded abrasive (manufacture)
  • Sharpening stones made of bonded abrasives (manufacture)
  • Stones for sharpening or polishing (manufacture)
  • Flint paper (manufacture)
  • Flint cloth (manufacture)
  • Emery wheel (manufacture)
  • Abrasive cloth (manufacture)
  • Abrasive grain (manufacture)
  • Abrasive grain of aluminium oxide (manufacture)
  • Abrasive grain of artificial corundum (manufacture)
  • Abrasive grain of boron carbide (manufacture)
  • Abrasive grain of silicon carbide (manufacture)
  • Abrasive paper (manufacture)
  • Abrasive wheel (bonded) (manufacture)
  • Agglomerated abrasives (manufacture)
  • Bonded abrasives (manufacture)
  • Coated abrasives (manufacture)
  • Diamond impregnated disc and wheel (manufacture)
  • Discs made of bonded abrasives (manufacture)
  • Emery cloth (manufacture)
  • Emery paper (manufacture)
  • Vitrified bonded abrasives (manufacture)