SIC Code

Code 26301 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 26301

Activities from UK SIC Code 26301

SIC Code 26301: Manufacture of telegraph and telephone apparatus and equipment

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 26301

  • Transmission equipment for telephone and telegraph (manufacture)
  • Switching equipment for telegraph and telex (manufacture)
  • Switchboard for telecommunications (manufacture)
  • Subscriber apparatus (telephone) (manufacture)
  • Security alarms and systems (manufacture)
  • Routers for telecommunications (manufacture)
  • Private branch exchange (PBX) equipment (manufacture)
  • Picture transmitter (manufacture)
  • Pagers (manufacture)
  • Telegraph apparatus (manufacture)
  • Telephone (manufacture)
  • Telephone answering machines (manufacture)
  • Terminal equipment for telegraphic and data communications (manufacture)
  • Telex machine (manufacture)
  • Telewriter (manufacture)
  • Teleprinter (manufacture)
  • Telephone handset (manufacture)
  • Telephone exchanges (manufacture)
  • Telephone exchange equipment (manufacture)
  • Telephone apparatus (manufacture)
  • Multiplexers for telephone exchanges (manufacture)
  • Modems (manufacture)
  • Mobile telephone (manufacture)
  • Delay lines and networks (manufacture)
  • Data transmission link line (manufacture)
  • Cordless telephones (except cellular) (manufacture)
  • Communication devices using infrared signal (e.g. Remote controls) (manufacture)
  • Cellular phones (manufacture)
  • Carrier equipment (manufacture)
  • Burglar alarm and system (manufacture)
  • Bridges for telecommunications (manufacture)
  • Dial for telephone (manufacture)
  • Entrance telephones (manufacture)
  • Facsimile transmission apparatus (manufacture)
  • Line telephony apparatus (manufacture)
  • Line telegraphy apparatus (manufacture)
  • Line apparatus (carrier, duplex and repeater) (manufacture)
  • Infrared remote controls (manufacture)
  • Gateways for telecommunications (manufacture)
  • Fire alarm systems, sending signals to a control station (manufacture)
  • Fire alarm and system (manufacture)
  • Fax machines (manufacture)
  • Bells for telephones (manufacture)