SIC Code

Code 26309 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 26309

Activities from UK SIC Code 26309

SIC Code 26309: Manufacture of communication equipment (other than telegraph and telephone apparatus and equipment

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 26309

  • Aerial (domestic) (manufacture)
  • Reception apparatus for radio-telephony or radio-telegraphy (manufacture)
  • Relay link apparatus (manufacture)
  • Relay transmitters (manufacture)
  • Satellite relay (manufacture)
  • Television camera (manufacture)
  • Television receiver (manufacture)
  • Television transmitter (manufacture)
  • Transmission apparatus for radio-broadcasting (manufacture)
  • Transmitter-receivers (manufacture)
  • Transmitting and receiving antenna (manufacture)
  • Transponders (manufacture)
  • Video conferencing equipment (manufacture)
  • Radio-telephony apparatus (manufacture)
  • Radio frequency booster stations (manufacture)
  • Radio communications equipment (manufacture)
  • Aerial (non-domestic) (manufacture)
  • Aerial reflectors (manufacture)
  • Aerial rotors (manufacture)
  • Aerial signal splitters (manufacture)
  • Amplifier for broadcasting studio (manufacture)
  • Cable television equipment (manufacture)
  • Camera for television (manufacture)
  • Closed circuit television equipment (CCTV) (manufacture)
  • Fixed transmitters (manufacture)
  • Ground station for relay satellite communication (manufacture)
  • Monitoring equipment for radio and television (manufacture)
  • Radio beacons (manufacture)
  • Video signalling equipment (manufacture)