SIC Code

Code 26702 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 26702

Activities from UK SIC Code 26702

SIC Code 26702: Manufacture of photographic and cinematographic equipment

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 26702

  • Accessories for photographic equipment (manufacture)
  • Overhead transparency projectors (manufacture)
  • Photo electric exposure meter (manufacture)
  • Photographic enlarger (manufacture)
  • Photographic equipment (manufacture)
  • Photographic film instrument (manufacture)
  • Photographic light meters (manufacture)
  • Projection screen (manufacture)
  • Projector (photographic or cinematographic) (manufacture)
  • Projector for cinema (manufacture)
  • Reducer (photographic) (manufacture)
  • Screen for cinema (manufacture)
  • Slide projector (manufacture)
  • Negatoscopes (manufacture)
  • Microprojection equipment (manufacture)
  • Microphotography equipment (manufacture)
  • Cameras (manufacture)
  • Cine camera (manufacture)
  • Cinematographic equipment (manufacture)
  • Dark room equipment (manufacture)
  • Digital photographic cameras (manufacture)
  • Discharge lamp (electronic) and other flashlight apparatus (manufacture)
  • Episcope (manufacture)
  • Flashlight apparatus (manufacture)
  • Image projectors (manufacture)
  • Microfiche readers (manufacture)
  • Microfilm equipment (manufacture)
  • Microfilm readers (manufacture)
  • Television camera lens (manufacture)