SIC Code

Code 28921 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 28921

Activities from UK SIC Code 28921

SIC Code 28921: Manufacture of machinery for mining

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 28921

  • Winding machine for mining (manufacture)
  • Road ripper for mining (manufacture)
  • Riser connector apparatus (manufacture)
  • Ranging drum shearer for mining (manufacture)
  • Production riser tie-back equipment (manufacture)
  • Production riser tensioners (manufacture)
  • Powered roof support for mining (manufacture)
  • Pit bottom machinery (manufacture)
  • Petroleum drilling equipment (manufacture)
  • Mudline suspension and tie-back equipment (manufacture)
  • Motion compensation equipment for oil drilling rigs (manufacture)
  • Moles for mining (manufacture)
  • Rock cutting machinery (manufacture)
  • Rock drilling machinery (manufacture)
  • Wellheads (manufacture)
  • Wellhead running tools (manufacture)
  • Well drilling equipment (manufacture)
  • Tunnelling machine for mining (manufacture)
  • Track laying tractors and other tractors used in mining (manufacture)
  • Stowing machine for mining (manufacture)
  • Skip plant for mining (manufacture)
  • Sinking machine for mining (manufacture)
  • Rotary tables (manufacture)
  • Roof support (hydraulic) (manufacture)
  • Rocker shovel for mining (manufacture)
  • Mining tool (bit) (manufacture)
  • Mining machinery (manufacture)
  • Minerals treatment machinery (manufacture)
  • Cutting machinery for coal or rock (manufacture)
  • Crushing machine for mining (manufacture)
  • Conveyor for underground mining (manufacture)
  • Continuous miner (manufacture)
  • Coal preparation plant (manufacture)
  • Coal plough (manufacture)
  • Coal cutter (manufacture)
  • Casing hangars (manufacture)
  • Cage plant for mining (manufacture)
  • Bridge plugs (manufacture)
  • Borers (mining machinery) (manufacture)
  • Dinting machine for mining (manufacture)
  • Drill bits for well drilling (manufacture)
  • Mineral dressing plant (manufacture)
  • Mineral cutter (manufacture)
  • Machinery for treating minerals by screening, sorting, separating, washing, crushing (manufacture)
  • Loader for mining (manufacture)
  • Liner hanger equipment (manufacture)
  • Iron roughnecks (manufacture)
  • Heading machine for mining (manufacture)
  • Hauling engine for mining (stationary) (manufacture)
  • Elevators with continuous action for underground use (manufacture)
  • Earth boring machine (manufacture)
  • Drilling jars for mining (manufacture)
  • Blow-out prevention apparatus (manufacture)