SIC Code

Code 28922 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 28922

Activities from UK SIC Code 28922

SIC Code 28922: Manufacture of earthmoving equipment

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 28922

  • Angle-dozers (manufacture)
  • Loading shovel (manufacture)
  • Mechanical shovels (manufacture)
  • Powered barrow (manufacture)
  • Rear digger (manufacture)
  • Rear digger unit (manufacture)
  • Ripper (manufacture)
  • Rooter (not agricultural) (manufacture)
  • Scraper (earth moving equipment) (manufacture)
  • Shovel loaders (manufacture)
  • Tractor shovel (manufacture)
  • Tractor winch (manufacture)
  • Trencher (manufacture)
  • Levellers (manufacture)
  • Land clearing equipment and machinery (manufacture)
  • Grader (manufacture)
  • Bucket for construction machinery (manufacture)
  • Bulldozer and angle-dozer blades (manufacture)
  • Bulldozers (manufacture)
  • Crawler loader (manufacture)
  • Crawler tractor (manufacture)
  • Dragline excavator (manufacture)
  • Dumpers for off road use (manufacture)
  • Earth leveller (manufacture)
  • Earth mover (construction equipment) (manufacture)
  • Earth moving machinery (manufacture)
  • Excavator (manufacture)
  • Grab (manufacture)
  • Walking draglines (manufacture)