SIC Code

Code 28923 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 28923

Activities from UK SIC Code 28923

SIC Code 28923: Manufacture of equipment for concrete crushing and screening roadworks

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 28923

  • Asphalt laying plant (manufacture)
  • Pile-drivers (manufacture)
  • Pile-extractors (manufacture)
  • Planers for road surfacing (manufacture)
  • Pulverising machinery (not for mines) (manufacture)
  • Road roller (manufacture)
  • Snow blowers (manufacture)
  • Snow ploughs (manufacture)
  • Sorting, grinding and mixing machinery for earth, stones and other mineral substances (manufacture)
  • Tar laying plant (manufacture)
  • Tar processing plant (manufacture)
  • Tarmacadam laying plant (manufacture)
  • Tarmacadam processing plant (manufacture)
  • Pile driving equipment (manufacture)
  • Paving machinery (manufacture)
  • Mortar spreaders (manufacture)
  • Asphalt processing plant (manufacture)
  • Bitumen spreaders (manufacture)
  • Chippers for road surfacing (manufacture)
  • Concrete mixer (manufacture)
  • Concrete placing machinery (manufacture)
  • Concrete surfacing machinery (manufacture)
  • Construction equipment (manufacture)
  • Crushing plant (not for mines) (manufacture)
  • Equipment for concrete crushing and screening roadworks (manufacture)
  • Grinding and other mineral processing machinery (manufacture)
  • Gritting machine (manufacture)
  • Mortar mixers (manufacture)
  • Track laying and other tractors used in construction (manufacture)