SIC Code

Code 29310 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 29310

Activities from UK SIC Code 29310

SIC Code 29310: Manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 29310

  • Alternator for vehicle (manufacture)
  • Indicating measuring instrument for vehicles and aircraft (electric) (manufacture)
  • Insulating fittings (other than ceramic for vehicles and aircraft) (manufacture)
  • Magneto (manufacture)
  • Magneto-dynamos (manufacture)
  • Motor vehicle electrical generators (manufacture)
  • Motor vehicle electrical ignition wiring harnesses (manufacture)
  • Motor vehicle electrical power window and door systems (manufacture)
  • Motor vehicle purchased gauges into instrument panels (manufacture)
  • Sirens for motor vehicles (manufacture)
  • Sound or visual signalling equipment for cycles and motor vehicles (manufacture)
  • Sparking plug (manufacture)
  • Starter motor for vehicle (manufacture)
  • Traffic indicators for motor vehicles (manufacture)
  • Voltage regulators for vehicles (manufacture)
  • Windscreen wipers (manufacture)
  • Ignition magnetos (manufacture)
  • Ignition equipment (other than coils and magnetos) (manufacture)
  • Burglar alarms electric sound signalling for motor vehicles
  • Auto electrical equipment (manufacture)
  • Coil ignition (manufacture)
  • Dashboard instruments (electric) (manufacture)
  • Defrosting and demisting equipment for vehicles (manufacture)
  • Demisters (electrical) (manufacture)
  • Dynamo for vehicle (manufacture)
  • Dynamo lighting set for cycles (manufacture)
  • Electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles (manufacture)
  • Electrical equipment for engines and vehicles (manufacture)
  • Electrical equipment for vehicles and aircraft (manufacture)
  • Generators (dynamos and alternators) (manufacture)
  • Glow plugs (manufacture)
  • Horns for motor vehicle (electric) (manufacture)
  • Ignition coil (manufacture)
  • Wiring sets (manufacture)