SIC Code

Code 46770 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 46770

Activities from UK SIC Code 46770

SIC Code 46770: Wholesale of waste and scrap

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 46770

  • Car dismantlers (wholesale)
  • Scrap leather (wholesale)
  • Scrap merchant (general dealer) (wholesale)
  • Scrap metal (wholesale)
  • Tailors trimmings (wholesale)
  • Textile waste (wholesale)
  • Upholsterers trimmings (wholesale)
  • Waste (wholesale)
  • Waste and scrap exporter (wholesale)
  • Waste and scrap importer (wholesale)
  • Waste paper (wholesale)
  • Waste rubber (wholesale)
  • Waste string (wholesale)
  • Scrap iron (wholesale)
  • Scrap (wholesale)
  • Sawdust (wholesale)
  • Collecting ,sorting, separating, stripping of used goods to obtain reusable parts (wholesale)
  • Construction materials from demolished buildings (wholesale)
  • Cotton rags (wholesale)
  • Cotton waste (wholesale)
  • Dismantling of automobiles, computers, and other equipment for re-sale of usable parts (wholesale)
  • Engine cleaning waste (wholesale)
  • Glass waste (wholesale)
  • Marine store waste (wholesale)
  • Metal and non-metal waste and scrap and materials for recycling (wholesale)
  • Packing, repacking, storage and delivery of waste and scrap without transformation (wholesale)
  • Rag and bone dealer (wholesale)
  • Rag merchant
  • Woollen rag (wholesale)