SIC Code

Code 52219 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 52219

Activities from UK SIC Code 52219

SIC Code 52219: Other service activities incidental to land transportation, n.e.c. (not including operation of rail freight terminals, passenger facilities at railway stations or passenger facilities at bus and coach stations)

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 52219

  • Automobile association road patrols
  • Parking meter services
  • Radio despatch offices for taxis, bicycle couriers etc.
  • Railway running shed
  • Railway station operation
  • Repair and maintenance of rolling stock (minor)
  • Roads operation
  • Roadside assistance for motor vehicles
  • Royal Automobile Club road patrols
  • Switching and shunting
  • Switching and shunting on railways
  • Toll bridge, road or tunnel
  • Towing and road side assistance
  • Towing away of vehicles
  • Tunnels operation
  • Parking lot operation
  • Motorway maintenance unit
  • Bicycle parking operations
  • Bridge operation
  • Bus station operation
  • Car park
  • Caravan winter storage
  • Clamping and towing away of vehicles
  • Commercial vehicle park
  • Garage (parking)
  • Gas liquefaction for land transportation purposes
  • Goods handling station operation
  • Lessee of tolls
  • Local authority car parks
  • Motive power depot (railway)
  • Motorists organisation (road patrol)
  • Weighbridge services