SIC Code

Code 71122 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 71122

Activities from UK SIC Code 71122

SIC Code 71122: Engineering related scientific and technical consulting activities

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 71122

  • Aerial photography for cartographic and spatial activity purposes
  • Hydrologic surveying activities
  • Land surveying activities
  • Land surveyor (not valuer)
  • Magnetometric (subsurface ) surveying activities
  • Micropalaeontogical analysis activities
  • Mineral surveyor
  • Natural gas exploration
  • Petroleum exploration
  • Petroleum geologist
  • Petrophysical interpretation activities
  • Seismic surveying for petroleum
  • Sewage treatment consultancy activities
  • Sub-surface surveying activities
  • Surveying activities (industrial and engineering)
  • Surveyor (other than valuer)
  • Telecommunications consultancy activities
  • Hydrographic surveying activities
  • Health and safety and other hazard protection and control consultancy activities
  • Geophysical, geologic and seismic surveying
  • Aerial survey
  • Borehole surveying
  • Boundary surveying activities
  • Cartographic and spatial information activities
  • Chartered land surveyor
  • Core preparation and analysis activities
  • Crude oil exploration
  • Digital mapping activities
  • Dimensional survey activities
  • Exploration for gas or oil
  • Fire and explosion protection and control consultancy activities
  • Geodetic surveying activities
  • Geological and prospecting activities
  • Geological surveying for petroleum or natural gas (not geological consultancy)
  • Geologist (consultant)
  • Geophysical consultancy activities (engineering related)
  • Water divining and other scientific prospecting activities