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List of SIC Codes of activities containig bath product manufacturer

If you need the SIC Code for an business or economic activity related with the search bath product manufacturer here is the answer.


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  • Activity: concrete haulage by a unit which is (not the manufacturer )
    SIC Code: 49410 | Description: Freight transport by road
  • Activity: parquet floor laying (not by manufacturer )
    SIC Code: 43330 | Description: Floor and wall covering
  • Activity: motor vehicle reconditioning by manufacturer (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 29100 | Description: Manufacture of motor vehicles
  • Activity: bath chair (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 30920 | Description: Manufacture of bicycles and invalid carriages
  • Activity: bath salts (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 20420 | Description: Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations
  • Activity: bath preparations (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 20420 | Description: Manufacture of perfumes and toilet preparations
  • Activity: bath towel (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 13923 | Description: Manufacture of household textiles (other than soft furnishings of 13.42/1)
  • Activity: perfumery, cosmetic and toilet and bath preparations (commission agent)
    SIC Code: 46180 | Description: Agents specialised in the sale of other particular products
  • Activity: muffles (refractory product ) (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 23200 | Description: Manufacture of refractory products
  • Activity: petroleum product (at refineries) (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 19201 | Description: Mineral oil refining
  • Activity: vegetable or resin product derivatives (wholesale)
    SIC Code: 46750 | Description: Wholesale of chemical products
  • Activity: plastic product making machines (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 28960 | Description: Manufacture of plastics and rubber machinery
  • Activity: hair (animal by-product ) from knackers (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 10110 | Description: Processing and preserving of meat
  • Activity: vegetable or resin product derivatives (commission agent)
    SIC Code: 46120 | Description: Agents involved in the sale of fuels, ores, metals and industrial chemicals
  • Activity: foil made of aluminium (not put up as a packaging product ) (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 24420 | Description: Aluminium production
  • Activity: waste glass resulting from glass product product ion (other than glass container) (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 23190 | Description: Manufacture and processing of other glass, including technical glassware