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List of SIC Codes of activities containig universal bank

If you need the SIC Code for an business or economic activity related with the search universal bank here is the answer.


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  • Activity: universal ac/dc motors (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 27110 | Description: Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers
  • Activity: postal activities under universal service obligation
    SIC Code: 53100 | Description: Postal activities under universal service obligation
  • Activity: universal joints for motor vehicles (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 29320 | Description: Manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles
  • Activity: clutches and shaft couplings including universal joints (excluding motor vehicles) (wholesale)
    SIC Code: 46690 | Description: Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
  • Activity: savings bank
    SIC Code: 64191 | Description: Banks
  • Activity: bank of england
    SIC Code: 64110 | Description: Central banking
  • Activity: world bank
    SIC Code: 99000 | Description: Activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodies
  • Activity: national savings bank
    SIC Code: 64191 | Description: Banks
  • Activity: bank holding companies
    SIC Code: 64205 | Description: Activities of financial services holding companies
  • Activity: mobile bank (not self propelled) (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 29203 | Description: Manufacture of caravans
  • Activity: bank note printing (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 18129 | Description: Printing (other than printing of newspapers and printing on labels and tags) n.e.c.
  • Activity: bank note paper (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 17120 | Description: Manufacture of paper and paperboard
  • Activity: bank note counting machine (manufacture)
    SIC Code: 28230 | Description: Manufacture of office machinery and equipment (except computers and peripheral equipment)
  • Activity: postal giro and postal savings bank activities
    SIC Code: 64191 | Description: Banks