SIC Code

Code 08910 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 08910

Activities from UK SIC Code 08910

SIC Code 08910: Mining of chemical and fertiliser minerals

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 08910

  • Alum mine
  • Iron pyrites extraction (not for iron production)
  • Jet mine
  • Magnesium sulphates (natural kieserite) mining
  • Native sulphur mining
  • Ochre pit
  • Phosphates (natural) mining
  • Potash mine
  • Potassium salts (natural) mining
  • Guano mining
  • Fluorspar mining
  • Fertiliser minerals mining
  • Barium sulphate (natural) mining
  • Barytes mine
  • Borates (natural) mining
  • Carbonate (barytes and witherite) mining
  • Celestine pit
  • Chalk (ground) production
  • Chemical minerals mining
  • Earth colours and fluorspar mining
  • Pyrites and pyrrhotite extraction and preparation