SIC Code

Code 14200 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 14200

Activities from UK SIC Code 14200

SIC Code 14200: Manufacture of articles of fur

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 14200

  • Apparel made of fur (manufacture)
  • Lambskin clothing (manufacture)
  • Manufacturing furrier (manufacture)
  • Mats and rugs made of fur (manufacture)
  • Moleskin finishing (manufacture)
  • Muffs made of fur (manufacture)
  • Rugs made of sheepskin (manufacture)
  • Rugs made of skins (manufacture)
  • Stoles made of fur (manufacture)
  • Trimmings made of fur (manufacture)
  • Industrial polishing cloths made of fur (manufacture)
  • Hatters fur (manufacture)
  • Garments made of rabbit fur (manufacture)
  • Artificial fur and articles thereof (manufacture)
  • Capes made of fur (manufacture)
  • Clothing made of sheepskin (manufacture)
  • Cravats made of fur (manufacture)
  • Fur skin assemblies including dropped fur skins, plates, mats and strips (manufacture)
  • Furrier (manufacture)
  • Furskin articles (manufacture)
  • Furskin assemblies (manufacture)
  • Furskin pouffes, unstuffed (manufacture)
  • Wearing apparel and clothing accessories made of fur (manufacture)