SIC Code

Code 20120 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 20120

Activities from UK SIC Code 20120

SIC Code 20120: Manufacture of dyes and pigments

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 20120

  • Acid dye (manufacture)
  • Luminophores (manufacture)
  • Manganese oxide (manufacture)
  • Mineral colours (manufacture)
  • Mordant dye (manufacture)
  • Ochres (pigments) (manufacture)
  • Optical bleaching agent (manufacture)
  • Solvent dye (manufacture)
  • Sulphur dye (manufacture)
  • Synthetic dyestuffs (manufacture)
  • Synthetic iron oxide (manufacture)
  • Synthetic organic pigment (manufacture)
  • Tanning agents (synthetic) (manufacture)
  • Titanium dioxide (manufacture)
  • Toner (pigment) (manufacture)
  • Vat dye (manufacture)
  • Vegetable tanning and dyeing extracts (manufacture)
  • Laundry blue (manufacture)
  • Lake (pigment) (manufacture)
  • Jewellers rouge (manufacture)
  • Alizarin dye (manufacture)
  • Aniline dye (manufacture)
  • Azoic dye (manufacture)
  • Basic dye (manufacture)
  • Chromium pigment (manufacture)
  • Colour lake (manufacture)
  • Colours for food and cosmetics (manufacture)
  • Colours in dry, liquid or paste form (manufacture)
  • Crushed pigment colours (manufacture)
  • Direct dye (manufacture)
  • Disperse dye (manufacture)
  • Dye (manufacture)
  • Dyes and pigments from any source in basic or concentrated forms (manufacture)
  • Dyes for food, drink and cosmetics (manufacture)
  • Dyes modified for dying acrylic fibres (manufacture)
  • Fluorescent brightening agent (manufacture)
  • Zinc oxide (manufacture)