SIC Code

Code 26701 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 26701

Activities from UK SIC Code 26701

SIC Code 26701: Manufacture of optical precision instruments

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 26701

  • Astronomical equipment (optical) (manufacture)
  • Optical magnifying instruments (manufacture)
  • Optical microscope (manufacture)
  • Optical mirrors (manufacture)
  • Optical positioning equipment (manufacture)
  • Optical projector (meteorological) (manufacture)
  • Periscopes (manufacture)
  • Photometers (electronic) (manufacture)
  • Range finder (optical) (manufacture)
  • Range finders (optical) (manufacture)
  • Sight telescopes (manufacture)
  • Surveying instruments (optical) (manufacture)
  • Telescope (manufacture)
  • Telescopic sights (manufacture)
  • Thread counters (manufacture)
  • Optical machinists precision tools (manufacture)
  • Optical instruments and appliances (other than photographic goods) (manufacture)
  • Optical gun sighting equipment (manufacture)
  • Auto correlator (optical) (manufacture)
  • Binoculars (manufacture)
  • Correlator (optical) (manufacture)
  • Fibre optic apparatus (manufacture)
  • Gunnery control instrument (optical) (manufacture)
  • Infrared systems for night vision (manufacture)
  • Laser (excluding complete equipment using laser components) (manufacture)
  • Lenses (except ophthalmic) (manufacture)
  • Magnifying glass (manufacture)
  • Meteorological optical instruments (electronic) (manufacture)
  • Monocular (manufacture)
  • Observation telescopes (manufacture)
  • Optical comparators (manufacture)
  • Optical fire control equipment (manufacture)
  • Wedge (optical) (manufacture)