SIC Code

Code 28140 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 28140

Activities from UK SIC Code 28140

SIC Code 28140: Manufacture of other taps and valves

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 28140

  • Ball valves (manufacture)
  • Plug valves (manufacture)
  • Pressure reducing valves (manufacture)
  • Process control valves (manufacture)
  • Reducing valves (manufacture)
  • Relief valves (manufacture)
  • Safety valves (manufacture)
  • Sanitary taps (manufacture)
  • Sanitary valves (manufacture)
  • Stopcocks for domestic use (manufacture)
  • Tap parts (manufacture)
  • Taps (manufacture)
  • Taps for domestic use (manufacture)
  • Temperature regulators (manufacture)
  • Valve actuators (electrical (other than electric motors)) (manufacture)
  • Valve parts (manufacture)
  • Valves for industrial use (manufacture)
  • Penstock valves (manufacture)
  • Parallel slide valves (manufacture)
  • Butterfly valves (manufacture)
  • Check valves (manufacture)
  • Christmas trees and other assemblies of valves (manufacture)
  • Cocks for industrial use (manufacture)
  • Diaphragm valves (manufacture)
  • Gas cylinder outlet valves (manufacture)
  • Gate valves (manufacture)
  • Globe valves (manufacture)
  • Heating taps (manufacture)
  • Heating valves (manufacture)
  • Industrial intake taps (manufacture)
  • Industrial regulating valves (manufacture)
  • Industrial taps (manufacture)
  • Knife valves (manufacture)
  • Needle valves (manufacture)
  • Non-return, reflux and check valves (manufacture)
  • Valves for tyres (manufacture)