SIC Code

Code 28210 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 28210

Activities from UK SIC Code 28210

SIC Code 28210: Manufacture of ovens, furnaces and furnace burners

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 28210

  • Strip processing line furnace (manufacture)
  • Mechanical stokers (manufacture)
  • Mechanical ash dischargers (manufacture)
  • Lime processing kiln (manufacture)
  • Laboratory furnace (manufacture)
  • Induction furnace (manufacture)
  • Incinerator (manufacture)
  • Heating/melting high frequency induction or dielectric equipment (manufacture)
  • Heat treatment furnace (manufacture)
  • Melting furnace (manufacture)
  • Non-electric household heating equipment (permanently mounted) (manufacture)
  • Steelmaking furnace (manufacture)
  • Solar panels, non-domestic (other than photovoltaic cell type) (manufacture)
  • Solar panels, domestic (other than photovoltaic cell type) (manufacture)
  • Smelting furnace (manufacture)
  • Re-heating furnace (manufacture)
  • Ovens for industrial use (except bakery) (manufacture)
  • Oil fuel burner (manufacture)
  • Non-electric household-type furnaces (manufacture)
  • Grates (mechanical) (manufacture)
  • Gas burner (manufacture)
  • Furnaces and furnace burners (manufacture)
  • Electric and other industrial and laboratory incinerators (manufacture)
  • Electric and other industrial and laboratory furnaces (manufacture)
  • Direct arc furnace (manufacture)
  • Dielectric heating equipment (manufacture)
  • Cement processing kiln (manufacture)
  • Burners (manufacture)
  • Box furnace (manufacture)
  • Blast furnace (manufacture)
  • Electric and other industrial and laboratory ovens (manufacture)
  • Electric household heating equipment (permanently mounted) (manufacture)
  • Furnace, furnace burner and industrial oven parts (manufacture)
  • Furnace for strip processing line (manufacture)
  • Furnace (electric) (manufacture)
  • Fuel burner (other than oil or gas) (manufacture)
  • Forging furnace (manufacture)
  • Electro slag furnace (manufacture)
  • Electric swimming pool heaters (permanently mounted) (manufacture)
  • Electric household type furnaces (manufacture)
  • Annealing lehr (manufacture)