SIC Code

Code 28240 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 28240

Activities from UK SIC Code 28240

SIC Code 28240: Manufacture of power-driven hand tools

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 28240

  • Chain saw parts (manufacture)
  • Portable power tool parts (manufacture)
  • Power tool (portable) (manufacture)
  • Power tools (portable electric) (manufacture)
  • Power-driven buffers (manufacture)
  • Power-driven grinders (manufacture)
  • Power-driven impact wrenches (manufacture)
  • Power-driven planers (manufacture)
  • Power-driven powder actuated nailers (manufacture)
  • Power-driven routers (manufacture)
  • Power-driven shears and nibblers (manufacture)
  • Power-driven staplers (manufacture)
  • Rock drill (portable) (manufacture)
  • Sanding tool (powered portable) (manufacture)
  • Pneumatic rivet guns (manufacture)
  • Pneumatic power tools (portable) (manufacture)
  • Chain saws (manufacture)
  • Circular or reciprocating saws (manufacture)
  • Disc cutting machines for stone, ceramics, asbestos-cement or similar (portable) (manufacture)
  • Drill (powered portable) (manufacture)
  • Drills and hammer drills (manufacture)
  • Grinding tools (powered portable) (manufacture)
  • Hammer (portable, powered) (manufacture)
  • Hand tools with non-electric motor parts (manufacture)
  • Hand tools with self contained motor or pneumatic drive (manufacture)
  • Hedge trimmers (powered portable) (manufacture)
  • Mining tool (powered portable) (manufacture)
  • Parts for portable hand held power tools (manufacture)
  • Pneumatic nailers (manufacture)
  • Saws (powered portable) (manufacture)