SIC Code

Code 46520 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 46520

Activities from UK SIC Code 46520

SIC Code 46520: Wholesale of electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 46520

  • Blank audio and video tapes and diskettes, magnetic and optical disks (CDs, DVDs) (wholesale)
  • Mounted piezo-electric crystals (wholesale)
  • Printed circuits (wholesale)
  • Radar apparatus (wholesale)
  • Radio navigational aid apparatus (wholesale)
  • Radio remote control apparatus (wholesale)
  • Reception apparatus for radio telephony or telegraphy for professional use (wholesale)
  • Satellite navigation (wholesale)
  • Semi-conductor devices (wholesale)
  • Telecommunication instruments and apparatus (wholesale)
  • Telecommunications equipment (wholesale)
  • Telecommunications machinery, equipment and materials for professional use (wholesale)
  • Telephone and communications equipment (wholesale)
  • Television cameras for professional use (wholesale)
  • Transmission kit for radio-telephony and telegraphy, radio or television broadcasting (wholesale)
  • Microchips (wholesale)
  • Magnetrons, klystrons and microwave tubes (wholesale)
  • Line telegraphy or telegraphy apparatus (wholesale)
  • Cathode-ray oscilloscopes and cathode-ray oscillographs (wholesale)
  • Cathode-ray television picture tubes, television camera tubes, other cathode-ray tubes (wholesale)
  • Diodes, transistors, thyristors, diacs and triacs (wholesale)
  • Direction finding compasses, other navigational instruments and appliances (electronic) (wholesale)
  • Electronic and telecommunications equipment and parts (wholesale)
  • Electronic components (wholesale)
  • Electronic integrated circuits and micro-assemblies (wholesale)
  • Electronic machinery, apparatus and materials for professional use (wholesale)
  • Electronic tubes (wholesale)
  • Electronic valves (wholesale)
  • Instruments and apparatus for measuring electrical quantities (electronic) (wholesale)
  • Instruments for measuring flow, level, pressure etc. of liquids or gases (electronic) (wholesale)
  • Integrated circuits (wholesale)
  • Light emitting diodes (wholesale)
  • X-ray, alpha, beta or gamma radiation apparatus (wholesale)