SIC Code

Code 50300 from UK Standard Industrial Classification

Here is the list of business activities that are included under the UK SIC Code 50300

Activities from UK SIC Code 50300

SIC Code 50300: Inland passenger water transport

List of activities classified inside the UK SIC Code 50300

  • Barge lessee or owner (passenger) (inland waterway service)
  • Transport of passengers via rivers
  • Transport of passengers via ports
  • Transport of passengers via lakes
  • Transport of passengers via inside harbours
  • Transport of passengers via canals
  • Transport of passengers over water (inland waterway service)
  • Rental of pleasure boats with crew for inland water transport
  • Passenger ferry transport (inland waterway)
  • Passenger ferry (river or estuary)
  • Local authority passenger ferry services on rivers, canals and lakes
  • Lake steamer service
  • Inland water transport (passenger)
  • Ferry transport for passengers (inland waterway service)
  • Excursion, cruise or sightseeing boats operation (inland waterway service)
  • Canal carrier (passenger)
  • Boat rental for passenger conveyance with crew (inland waterway service)
  • Water taxis operation (inland waterway service)